Arquitectura residencial

House in the woods

The design tries to integrate as much as possible in the natural surroundings, most importantly, a pine forest. The programme required three bedrooms, without interior stairs, and the house should be able to grow. Local byelaws require a 10 metre setback from site boundary, leaving a narrow plan.

This design obtained an Award in the XI Prizes of Architecture.

Bespoke house

Bespoke House

House in Agridulce (which means bittersweet) for family with four children and double-height living room.

  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
Large villa design

Cantilever house

Large house comprised of two identical prisms, each measuring 9,00 by 27,00 metres in plan, the lower one for living and the upper for sleeping, with a phase between both that contains the vertical circulation and gives rise to a clean 5 metre cantilever to the south, giving deep shade to the poolside terrace.

Huerta house

House in la “huerta”

The “huerta” of Murcia is the river flood-plain, with fertile arable land, usually planted with orange and lemon trees, and is very characteristic of the region.

The building occupies the south facade of the plot, with the garden to the north. The living room and kitchen on the ground floor, open out to the garden with large doors. The bedrooms on the first floor have large openings that are shielded from outside view and from noise by the terrace parapet, while allowing views of the “huerta”.

Prefabricated house

Prefab house

Design for an industrially produced housing unit for use in rural sites, with minimum impact on the terrain.

Hilltop house

Hilltop House

This is a house designed for a plot of land with magnificent southerly views over the city. The southern façade allows those views to enter the house, while providing deep shade.

Photo of architecture project

6 villas on a steep site

Vista verde is a group of six houses on the slopes of the Carrascoy National Park overlooking the city of Murcia. The houses combine total privacy with spectacular views, and make very good use of the sloping site.

Each house has approximately 290 useful square metres of floorspace, with a double garage, terraces, a 70 square metre lounge, four bedrooms, each with bathroom. The design aims to follow the natural contours of the site.

Apartment building

2 Apartment buildings

Two residential buildings in Beniel, the largest has 43 apartments, while the other has 30.

Country home refurbishment

Rural refurbishment

Refurbishment and interior design of large country home in the Caravaca countryside.