Apartment building

2 Apartment buildings

Two residential buildings in Beniel, the largest has 43 apartments, while the other has 30.

Office building in Murcia

Office building in Murcia

This is a sketch design for an office building on a site with very particular volumetric rules. The design is made up of a number of coloured stripes allowing maximum use of available volume.

Casa Quinto

Attic floor apartment in the centre of town, with double height lounge area.

Country home refurbishment

Rural refurbishment

Refurbishment and interior design of large country home in the Caravaca countryside.

Mini Apartment

Mini apartment

Interior design of a 40 m2 apartment in the centre of Murcia, this is quite a common new typology in town. The furniture along the long wall was prefabricated to our bespoke design.


This jeweller´s shop is situated on the Calle Trapería, one of the main pedestrianised tourist streets. We did the interior and furniture design and the graphic design was done by our sister company: miriamalbasini.com

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