Industrial development in Lagos

Masterplanning and development of first phase of the “Montana” industrial development in Makun New City, Sagamu, Nigeria. 2400m2 of warehouse space and ancillary buildings.

Penthouse at 4 esquinas

We incorporated the penthouse floor into an apartment we did ten years ago in the centre of Murcia. it´s laid out as an independent one bedroom apartment, with great views over the city. It is connected to the main floor below using a spiral stair with an inclined axis, the only way to connect through the very limited opening available.

  • Penthouse architecture design

Huerta house

Small house in “La Huerta”, for a creative person who lives alone. The decrepit existing bungalow was modified to leave the essential items. Traditional construction methods help the climatic performance of the building.

Masterplan Akosombo

Masterplan in Ghana

Transformation of a banana plantation into a housing project, nearby the Akosombo lake, north of Accra, Ghana.

49 plots of 1800 m2, 80 of 1200 m2, and 84 of 600 m2. Three different typologies of bioclimatic houses. A hotel, marina and shopping centre.

Patio house

This house in “La Huerta”, placed amongst lemon trees, is entered through an internal courtyard or “patio”, and has an inward looking layout, fruit of arabic culture and overlooking neighbours.

Apartment in Murcia

Passage apartment

300 square metre, 5 bedroom apartment in the centre of the city, revisited 2 years after completion, with a passageway in stained oak that is the centrepiece. Pictures by Joaquín Zamora.

Arquitectura residencial

House in the woods

The design tries to integrate as much as possible in the natural surroundings, most importantly, a pine forest. The programme required three bedrooms, without interior stairs, and the house should be able to grow. Local byelaws require a 10 metre setback from site boundary, leaving a narrow plan.

This design obtained an Award in the XI Prizes of Architecture.

Apartment on 3 levels

3 level apartment

Flat of 1800 square feet in the centre of the city, structured in 3 levels, organized around a common space that integrates the kitchen, dining space, entrance and play area. This space is visually connected, through the staircase void, with the living room, situated one level up. One metre further up, there is a terrace garden. From the living room, a view of the whole house is possible.

Pharmacy in Murcia


The pharmacy is located on a traffic artery in the city, with a captive local public in the area behind. The façade is designed as a large retro-illuminated signpost saying “FARMACIA”, made with glass blocks. Illumination during the day and night is carefully controlled.

Bespoke house

Bespoke House

House in Agridulce (which means bittersweet) for family with four children and double-height living room.

  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
  • Bespoke architectural design
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