Meet the team

A&B Architecture is an established partnership between Ernest Berkhout, dutch architect trained at Manchester and Brighton universities, and Gabriel Albasini, architect who holds a Masters Degree from Harvard University.

We work together with Luis María Pasqual, who trained in interior design in Barcelona, and Miriam Albasini, designer trained in Granada.

We have been practising architecture and design together since the late nineties and set up the architectural partnership in 2006. Our prize-winning firm caters especially to international clients, from the UK, Netherlands and other european countries.

Albasini & Berkhout architects

Spain has notoriously complex rules and regulations in the field of architecture, urbanism, building control and so on, and can be very frustrating at times. A&B Architecture can help you understand these things in plain english, and help you navigate through any dealings you might have with the town hall.

We provide the full range of architectural services:

  • Architectural design.
  • Urbanism.
  • Feasibility studies for investors.
  • Finding the right plot to build on.
  • Legalization of buildings.
  • Building pathology.
  • Expert witness cases.
  • Building refurbishment.

We defend our client´s interests

Often in Spain, professionals appear to be in cahoots with contractors and suppliers, working together to obtain maximum benefit at the cost of the client. At A&B Architecture, we firmly believe that our job is to represent you, the client. We do not recommend suppliers in the hope of being rewarded by them later. If we recommend a contractor, it´s because they are the best for the job. And because they don´t expect to have to reward us, their prices are lower, plus we maintain control over the quality of their work.

Building your own house is not as expensive as it might seem

Getting a house made to measure is often seen as being prohibitively expensive. While it´s not as cheap as a 100 m2 apartment, it´s probably a lot less money than you would expect. If you have an idea for a spectacular building, or one that is hidden in the countryside, or one for a low energy Passivhaus, you may well be surprised how accessible it is. Give us a call!

We will always represent your best interests. Get in touch with us on +34 968 216789, or send us a message.

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