It´s time to invest in Costa Cálida, Spain. Prices are on the rise (see image below, credit: Tinsa).

At A&B Architects, we have detailed, long standing knowledge of investment opportunities in property in the Costa Cálida area. The newly opened Murcia International airport (RMU), located between the cities of Murcia and Cartagena, will shift the centre of gravity for tourism down towards the south, where the already popular destinations of Mazarrón and Águilas will be winners. The spectacular port city of Cartagena and La Manga, where first line to the beach is the norm, will also enjoy buoyant futures.

High quality golf tourism is readily available in the area, with worls-class courses, impeccable weather conditions and combining to make for great investment opportunities.

Whether your idea is to spend one hundred thousand euros on a place to rent out, or you want to buy a plot of land with a sea view to build your own architect designed home, or even if you want to invest two million euros on a small property development with a 20% profit margin, now is the moment to buy property in the area. Call us on +34 968 216789 to find out more. We´ll answer you in real english.

Murcia Costa Cálida